Scattering at Sea

The Service

Haisley Funeral Home performs ocean scattering off the coastline of Fort Pierce, Florida. We cruise down the beautiful Indian River Inlet into the Atlantic Ocean. At a peaceful site located three miles offshore, we bring the vessel to rest. At this time, the Funeral Director (or family members if present) performs the scattering while the "Commitment to Sea" is read and flowers are scattered. (Other mementos can accompany the cremated remains, if they are biodegradable.)

Commitment To The Sea

Divine Creator of all in heaven and on earth, we bring before You the last earthly remains for return to You, to do with as You will, and to set free for all eternity; and to remind us that forever they shall live, in the wind and the waves and the earth in substance. Even though the spirit is already with You, we ask that You receive these cremated remains of the one that You created, that You might create again from them life anew!”

Resting eternally in the origin of all life, the sea.


You can make arrangements by contacting the funeral home. The actual service will take place on a date convenient or meaningful to you, or as soon as possible depending on the weather. The memorial certificate will be mailed immediately.

If you are from out of town, and the cremated remains need to be sent to us, please speak with one of our Funeral Directors. They will furnish you with authorization papers and instruct you in the simple inexpensive procedure involved in shipping cremated remains through the U.S. Mail.