The Haisley Reception Center

A place for family and friends to gather after the funeral service.

Haisley features a unique concept in funeral service. We know it is not always convenient to gather at your home or the home of a friend. The Reception Center is designed to provide an area for family and friends to get together after the service.

As with each funeral service, each gathering is unique. At the Reception Center, we will

assist you with the serving of beverages and food. We can help you identify your specific needs and provide the support to be certain they are met.

The typical gathering includes 40 to 60 people. The Reception Center can easily seat 100 people for a full course meal or accommodate over 125 for a more casual function.

In some cases, families prefer to have family, friends, or members of their church prepare the food and deliver it to the Reception Center. Guests may also choose to bring prepared food from a restaurant or deli, or have the meal fully catered. We are happy to accommodate your needs.  For added convenience, we have our own in-house caterer, who will provide either a snack or a feast, to make your function perfect.  Our hostess will assist in the organization and serving of any function.

The Gathering

Why do we socialize and share food after the funeral? A gathering of friends and family follows most funerals. This informal time allows mourners to tell stories about the person who died, to cry, to laugh, and to support one another.  It is an opportunity to relax after the funeral ceremony. The gathering is also a transition, a rite of passage back to living again. It demonstrates the continuity of life even in the face of death.

Reception Center

A modest fee includes use of the Center, use of on-site technology, assistance of our kitchen facilities hostess, table linens, dishes, silverware, coffee, tea, ice and custodial services.

The Reception Center is also used for our After Care Program and can be reserved for other community activities and/ or family functions.

Alcoholic beverages by permission only, please.